Thank You

I discovered this podcast a few months ago when I was watching a live session on IG with Darren and Donny. I religiously tune in every week for motivation, emotional support and a mental reset on my life. I’m grateful to Donny and Darren as well as the phenomenal and insightful guests that they have interviewed. Thank you and I am grateful.


I found this podcast when I so needed to hear the message of hope and recovery. Thank you for putting this together.


Each story has something that somewhere in my life I can relate too. What an amazing way to highlight and motivate me in my growth and others in their own comeback stories! Donny Starkins thank God for your vision!!


Darren and I could not be more opposite! I’m 5’2 110# 50 yr old white woman 🙄 with no addiction or comeback story but took out pen and paper when I was listening! Loved every minute of it!!! * Progression over perfection * “Fear” only reminds me to keep me on the steps I need to take * “I’m raising the rent on my life” These will stay with me forever! Thank you for this! Excited to listen to more!!!

Exactly what we need to hear

We’re living in a crazy time, and this podcast has the message we all need to hear. Grateful to be able to listen to this podcast and gain insight from people who have overcome so much. Highly recommend!

Keep up the amazing work !! God’s Grace🙏🏽

Thank you for being so honest !!

Thank you Darren

Since I saw you open up on hard knocks....right in the start of my journey, I have been motivated and inspired by you. I love you as a Raiders fan for all you do and for your hard work. But I love you as a person even more because you helped change my life, my wife’s life, and my children’s life without even knowing it. I take that same passion and desire to do better everyday to my place of business like you. Thank you

Bill’s friend

Thank you for being open and sharing your story. You’re reaching more people than you know. You’ve opened a new door for this recovering alcoholic who thought he knew everything. Keep up the good work!

Amazing Podcast Enjoyed listening continuing this content much luv blessed 🙏🏼

Amazing Podcast enjoyed listening continuing this content much luv blessed 🙏🏼

5 stars!

Great content looking forward to more! Keep it up DW!!! 🙏🙏🙏

Reach Out

Darren an Donny thank you both for your Come Back stories and the Meditation Ive started Drinking at the age of 12 and started using at 13 My environment was all about the Party Life which I thought was Normal I never heard of programs till I was 18 So 2017 i got into a Program that’s when I found out there is help for people like me. 2019 I got into a faith based program for woman in San Jose Ca. Graduated So with that said your Comeback stories are what we need to Hear, the ones who are still suffering, reach out, we are here for you, never give up Cause I thought after 23 years of using that I’d never be where I’m at Today Darren also I just wanted to tell you You Have a Beautiful Smile 😁 🤍🖤Die Hard Raidertte🖤🤍

Truly inspirational

I’m a week into my recovery after a relapse! Hearing Donny talk about his story and coming back after a relapse, really gave me the inspiration I needed today. I’ve been a diehard Raiders fan and when Waller joined the team and shared his story with the world I knew that anything is possible because I felt like my world was over and I would never amount to anything other than my past. I’m excited for this journey, the stories and hope that comes with it. Thank you


Every time I hear story’s of people strong in their recovery it helps strengthen my recovery! I love this. The lie is dead, we do recover!

Donny will get you to think differently!

I’ve been so thankful to get to know Donny and to benefit from his story, insights and coaching. My mindset has totally shifted for the better and so happy to see him and Darren get after this podcast for all of us! Thank you guys.


Such an amazing idea for a podcast. It will touch the lives of so many. I’m inspired hearing your story in more detail. It gives me so much hope for my own future. Grateful to have you as a coach!

Amazing and uplifting

Thank you so much for sharing your story and being so vulnerable and genuine! You’re truly amazing Darren. Such uplifting and meaningful words. No matter what your story or struggles, these gentleman will inspire you to push past your lows and start living with purpose. So thankful you’re doing this podcast❤️I look forward to hearing more!

Impressed, Intrigued, inspired ... all in

As a fan, I was obviously impressed by the athletic performances of Darren Waller; and then after learning of his story, I was so intrigued... how ? Why? And then thru publications and now this podcast, I am truly inspired. What a beautiful story of a rise - and “fall” followed by a story of perseverance and dedication toward regaining, the always hard earned, and credible rise to notary, that is still climbing- despite previous downfalls. 🙌🏻

So thankful for this

As someone in recovery this is so inspiring and as a boy mom it’s important me to learn how to help my son as he grows up how to talk about his feelings and making sure he’s comfortable with expressing himself. Great podcast!


I don’t usually listen to podcasts but this is one I’ll be keeping up with! Can’t wait for the next episode 🔥🔥🔥


Love you brother , keep being YOU 💙

So incredible!

Wow what a treasure!! We all have a story. And this podcast really is inspirational bc it shares real people sharing real experiences with real victories!! - thank you to everyone sharing on here and being so raw- transparent- genuine- and vulnerable! It’s an amazing reminder we aren’t alone in the lows- or middle or tough parts of certain struggles or seasons!! This podcast is really a little Gem- It’s so beautiful how it’s bringing so many people together no matter what race- culture- age- demographic- status- struggle- season etc! Can’t wait to hear more!


I first became aware of Darren’s story on Hard Knocks as I have been a lifelong Raider Fan. Being a 66 year old and recovering alcoholic for 13 years, I love to hear inspirational stories of recovery, especially from young people. I reached out to him in instagram and shared my story with him and was surprised to get a response from him.... I have joined his foundation as a donor and will continue to follow him and help him on his journey to spread his story of recovery and reach out to addicts of all persuasions! Proud of you Darren. Keep it up!

Worth the wait

I’m so glad I was able to listen to such an amazing podcast. Normally I don’t listen to podcasts but I can relate to this first episode is so many aspects.


Can’t wait to listen to more episodes and see what amazing guests you have on the show!

Great impact!

Thank you both for making this! It’s such an inspiration and has helped me so much can’t wait to hear more !

unconditional love

Darren Waller you are an inspiration!!!! Comeback stories delivered an honest, real, humble,


Absolutely love this podcast. Darren and Donny share how living life with humility and gratitude has changed their lives. The level of vulnerability within each will resonate with you leaving you motivated and inspired to live life with PURPOSE. Not perfection... purpose. Thanks for sharing your stories. Looking forward to more. Julie Chelberg

Real and Inspirational

Wow! What a great first episode. Very real and very human. Thanks for the episode. Looking forward to more!!


Donny brings it! Great message on comebacks and over coming the obstacles thrown our way!


The greatest success of all is in the face of adversity, and the greatest lessons come from within. This podcast is a masterful combination of successes and lessons in stories to keep ourselves and loved ones on the right path.


The motions. The story. The comeback. We hear a lot of stories, none any less impressive or inspiring than the other, but hearing where you are now fills my soul with appreciation and gratitude that you are here today telling your story. Continuing on and pushing through with your work ethic, shows how special you truly are for us in this world. Amazing. Thank you. ♥️

There’s nothing better than a great comeback!

Real. Raw. Relatable. Revolutionary. Comeback is possible!

Genuine and Uplifting!

Comeback Stories presents an honest, authentic look at what it means to truly rise up and come back. We’re all overcomers, so you’re in good company tuning into this podcast as Darren and Donny share their own stories, as well as those of many others in various industries who have overcome adversity and addiction to fulfill their purpose. Challenging yet uplifting, add Comeback Stories to your podcast roster today!

Powerful Interviews

Love these type of interviews! Darren’s story is super powerful and loved to here how he is doing! Love a great Comeback story!

Great First Episode!

The inspiration provided by Darren and Donny is incredible. After just one episode I can apply multiple lessons to my life to ultimately become a better person moving forward. Can’t wait to see what’s to come!


Raiders Fan or Not, Waller is an amazing person! #RN4L




Love your story and how you don’t try to forget it, but use it to empower you right now!

Real life pod cast

Thank you Darren for being so inspirational, as a recovering addict this pod cast is absolutely amazing . You give us a chance to hear your story and how you cope in life skills(Unconditional love) is so powerful on a out look! Thanks to the both of you!


Truly impactful work here! #RN4L #DWALL


Truly inspirational. Looking forward to more episodes about struggle, humility, vulnerability, and perseverance in men and women. Love this!!

Best TE in the game getting real

This is very good D Wall!

Great Podcast, motivational!!!

Great first episode guys!!! I love the message you guys are trying to send to all your viewers. It takes a lot to share your own story. This pod hits close to home because I grew up in a violent neighborhood. Growing up I had multiple friends who unfortunately felt as if they needed drugs to live. So truly I’m thankful that you guys are trying to help people overcome their issues and show that there’s a life without drugs.

Powerful and inspirational!

Love this 1st episode! Darren Waller is one of the most inspiring athletes in today’s world. Looking forward to hearing more from this podcast

Can’t wait for more episodes!!

Love the transparency and how willingly you are to share your stories with the rest of the world! The comeback is always greater than the setback if you work for it 🙏


Incredible man in recovery- thank you for putting some time away from football to do this!

Thank you!!

Love Donny and all of his teachings. Having him link up with Waller is incredible! Can’t wait to hear more comeback stories 👏🏼

So Excited for this Pod ‼️

I’m so excited for this podcast series about Darren Waller and the struggles of addiction, substance/alcohol use/misuse. Darrens story is super important for anyone visibly/not visibly struggling with addiction. This podcast can’t come at a more important time.


I’ve been following Donny for awhile, especially his training with the honey badger! Incredible stories and overall wisdom. Great teacher and excited for more to come with this podcast.

Raw, Honest, Love It

Raw, honest, love it …