Feb. 2, 2023

Michael Vick's Comeback Story

Michael Vick's Comeback Story

Michael Vick's Comeback Story

On this episode of Comeback Stories, Darren & Donny are joined by Michael Vick, 4x Pro Bowl Quarterback and the NFL's 2010 Comeback Player of the Year. Michael starts by talking about his childhood and burying the trauma of physical abuse while being raised in a rough neighborhood. He then goes on to recount how football gave him a purpose, and how the community supported his eventual journey through college and into the NFL.

Michael talks about how his swelling arrogance as a star player led to eventual imprisonment, where his perspective on family and freedom did a complete 180 degree turn. Michael describes how he's made it a point to change lives through working with charities like the Vick Family Dream Fund and Boys & Girls Clubs of the Virginia Peninsula.

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