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Kelsey Chittick

Writer, comedian and inspirational speaker.

Kelsey Chittick was in a great place. Her husband, the love of her life since college at the University of North Carolina, had finished a grueling six years in the NFL and had successfully transitioned into a new, fulfilling career in finance. They lived in a charming town in California with their children Jack and Addison, and everyone was flourishing.

Then one day, tragedy struck. On 11/11/17, her husband Nate—a huge, happy, intense, and passionate man—dropped dead at 42 in front of their kids. Kelsey’s biggest fear had come true, and she had to decide how to move forward.

Sept. 16, 2021

Kelsey Chittick’s Comeback Story - Our Greatest Obstacles Turn Out To…

Kelsey Chittick talks about the emotions and pain of losing a partner, and how the process of grieving and allowing herself the s…

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