March 30, 2023

CC Sabathia's Comeback Story

CC Sabathia's Comeback Story
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On this episode of Comeback Stories, Darren & Donny are joined virtually by CC Sabathia, a former  MLB pitcher, six-time All-star, Cy Young Award Winner,  and 2009 World Series Champion. CC talks about how his childhood and being so young in such a big game led him to become an alcoholic. CC details his battles with losing his father, depression, alcohol dependency, and lack of identity during what should've been the peak of his career.


He then describes what led him to the point where he was fed up and offers his experiences and perspectives for anyone currently trapped in a similar situation. He provides hope that there is another side to this thing!

CC has now been sober for seven years and is co-hosting a podcast called “RSC2,” he is passionate about helping inner-city kids through his foundation and works to stop the stigma around mental health and alcohol dependency. 


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