Comeback Stories

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Darren an Donny thank you both for your Come Back stories and the Meditation
Ive started Drinking at the age of 12 and started using at 13 My environment was all about the Party Life which I thought was Normal I never heard of programs till I was 18
So 2017 i got into a Program that’s when I found out there is help for people like me. 2019 I got into a faith based program for woman in San Jose Ca. Graduated
So with that said your Comeback stories are what we need to Hear, the ones who are still suffering, reach out, we are here for you, never give up Cause I thought after 23 years of using that I’d never be where I’m at Today
Darren also I just wanted to tell you
You Have a Beautiful Smile 😁
🤍🖤Die Hard Raidertte🖤🤍

Feb. 17, 2021 by bipidexvex on Apple Podcasts

Comeback Stories